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The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

BBC Young Reporter 2019

Our young journalists have been busy working on their news articles for the BBC Young Reporter. Enjoy browsing through their reports below:


Different types of pollution and how they affect us 
By Taylor and Borg 

Pollution is an important but ignored issue in the present day, but what exactly is pollution? Read more...


By Kessia, Bonita and Gabrielle 

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word Immigration. Read more...


Dangerous Viral Challenges 
By Kristen and Kaitlin 

There are many viral challenges on social platforms such as Instagram. Read more...


Gaming Addiction 
By Adam and Josh 

Gaming addiction levels have risen have risen by 15% since 2016. Read more...


Bulling in the UK
A report by Kamila 

Bullying is a growing problem it affects over one million people every year. Read more...


The dangers of the digital world
A report by Pamela and Emma

It is a part of our daily routine.


Third World Countries 
By Caitlin, Jean, Emma and Scarlett

Third world countries face many problems everyday. People around the world aren’t paying a significant amount of attention to these issues. Read more...


by Joey, Oliver and Brian

Immigration is the act of illegally travelling to another country. Read more...





21 Savage

by Drew, Gio, Jake and Paul



Avengers 4

By Ram and Lance



 The Oscars

by Stas, Daniel and Jakub



Climate Change

by Theresa, Chloe and Maria



Social Media

By Matilda, Bianca and Stephana



PewDiePie v T-Series

by Cormac, Charbel, Warren and Anoge



Teenagers and Manners (including an interview with Mr Kiely)



Phone Addiction/Global Warming

by Athena, Lucy, Sarah and Oliwia



BBCelelebrity Report

By Lorena and Maya



How Does Fitness Affect Your Health

By Noah, Damian and Keiran



James Charles

By Lily, Olivia, Tanya and Paulina